A Few Thoughts About Chuck Greenberg

This morning when I got up, the first news story I saw was about Chuck Greenberg and the Rangers. I read a bit about that, and then was planning to write about it.
Then I read about the Earthquake & tsunami in Japan, and to be honest, I don’t feel like writing about Chuck Greenberg at the moment. I will, but there’s more important things to think about at the moment than Chuck Greenberg’s departure from the Rangers.
In the meantime, I suggest checking out what Joey M had to say over at Baseball Time in Arlington about it. I’ll have my own opinions later in the day. There’s also this story with a few reactions from Rangers players.
I’ll just say this for now. Last year we had the drama in spring training with Ron Washington and cocaine. This year it’s the Chuck Greenberg thing. Distraction yes. But if what I’m reading about “overstepping bounds” is accurate, then I can understand it.
More later once I have a chance to mentally digest it.