ST1: Rangers drop spring opener to Royals, 4-2

Well, the Rangers 2011 campaign started with the first game of the season, a loss to the Royals. I wasn’t able to listen to any of this game. Mostly because this was a webcast game, and I couldn’t be tied to the computer. I could listen on my iPhone or iPad or something, but something different came up for me. My daughter and I ended up spending the day together after we got home from church. It was a fun day with her, and I wanted to do that more than listen to a webcast game. :)
Pitching wise, things were OK from what I see in the box. No glaringly ugly lines (like someone with an era around 80.00). Of the four runs the Royals got, two were unearned. Only two Rangers pitchers (CJ Wilson & Dave Bush) threw more than an inning (two each). Everyone else (Mark Lowe, Tanner Scheppers, Tateyama, Tucker & Strip) were just one inning each. Combined, the entire staff gave up just six hits, but it was well put together, as it was coupled with four walks to allow the four runs the Royals got.
Offensively, we had just seven hits and three walks. Nobody had more than one hit, and only one player had a hit and a walk. Our only runs came on a two run home run by a guy by the name of Doug Deeds in the sixth (don’t know him).
But as I said, can’t have a ton of insight into this one. I do plan on listening Monday, as it’s the 2011 debut of Eric Nadel!