ST0: Rangers beat the Rangers 3-1

And so it begins. Well, sort of. Today was an intersquad game. Doesn’t count in the spring training standings or stats, but it’s the first baseball the Rangers have played since losing to the Giants in early November.
We got a box score for the game, there were reports from the game (1 | 2), but it was’t broadcast anywhere. Did see some footage on MLB Network, though. Where’d they get that? Film it themselves? I would have liked to have seen that anyway.
I’m not going to get into player reports, you can read the reports from the guys who get paid to do this. I’ll write once the games are “real”. :)
There’s another one of these Friday. Not sure what they’re doing Saturday, but the first game is Sunday (the charity game), and then the first broadcast game is Monday. Looking forward to that.