CJ Wilson named opening day starter

Much to nobody’s surprise, the Rangers named CJ Wilson as their opening day starter for 2011. With Cliff Lee out of the picture, it pretty much was down to Wilson & Colby Lewis.
It’s an interesting case, as before last year, both of those guys weren’t starters. Well, Lewis was, but he was off in Japan, having “ended up” there due to his failures in the major leagues. CJ Wilson was a reliever. The battle for the 2011 Opening Day starter was between two guys who weren’t starters for the Rangers a year ago. Well, Lewis technically was, as he had signed by then, but you know what I mean. :)
Don’t think you would have gone wrong either way, but let’s home the pressures of opening day starter don’t get to CJ Wilson. He feels in much the same position to me as Scott Feldman was going into last year. And Feldman tanked. There’s a lot of talk about how the increased workload on Wilson could impact him in the upcoming season. Hope not. Be nice to get one of these things to go right long term, eh?

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