WSG5: It’s over, Rangers lose Series behind 3-1 loss

Yes, it was a great season, but I am so not in a mood to be that way. The way we went out sucked. I’ll be happy and retrospective later, but for right now, I am not writing about it. I will later, though.
I will add this. A few minutes after the game was over, I got this email from a Giants fan. Now I know it’s not typical of most fans, but even at my anti-Cowboys worst, I don’t do things like this:

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At what point will Josh Hamilton and Ron Washington abandon their families and snort enough blow to explode their hearts? I’m guessing by 8am Thursday morning. Giants!!!!!!!!
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A special thanks to my wife for putting up with me this season. I love you Lynn, thanks for indulging me this season.
Oh, one more thing.. roughly 14 weeks till Spring Training opens.


  1. says

    Hey Joe-
    I don’t know if you read LSB, but I am ghostofErikThompson on there. I got this same email from The same one.
    Apparently, this “Giants fan’s” way of celebrating is surfing the Internet looking for Rangers’s fan sites to email them about old cocaine jokes.
    The best part about it is this is the most pathetic way to be happy about ones team that I have EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE.
    Anyhow, I just thought I’d share with you that you’re not alone in getting some bad sportsmanship thrown your way.

  2. justin says

    Hi, I’m a fellow Giants fan that was at that Game 5. I live in Texas now but will never lose my Giants loyalty. I’m sorry that some Giants fans are idiots and don’t know how to respect one another, but every team has those type of annoying fans.
    I’m really proud of the Rangers this year, I love them for kicking the Yankees ass (who doesn’t?). If the Giants lost to the Phillies or Braves, you know I’d have been there rooting the Rangers on. The underdog will always get my love.
    I also really appreciated the bummed out Rangers fans being understanding to all those Giants fans going bonkers. It would have been really easy to get pissed off and punch somebody, but that didn’t happen.
    Can’t wait for next year.

  3. jerome says

    i’m a giants fan, but more importantly, a sports fan. no offense, but if you are a sports guy, how are you suprised to even get an email like that? you guys are sports guys, those kinda fans are everywhere. was it not expected? i apologize for the fan, but don’t try to make people judge us by posting an email from one person. even if that wasn’t your intent, it certainly seems like it was. i respect your blog and read it just to see the other side. good luck to the rangers next year.