WSG2: Rangers bats silent, go down 2-0 with 9-0 loss

Man, I so did not want to write about this game. I really did not. The way it ended was just a complete steaming pile of stink. Not the kind of face you want to show on the biggest stage like that. The game was quite good up until the bottom of the 8th, and there were so many “man, if it only went ‘this way’ it would have been different” moments. Like Kinslers ball of the top of the center field wall for starters. But the 8th was just so horrendous, it erased any good feelings about the game. I’m just going with my notes for this one. Man, that was awful. I don’t have a problem with the series – it’s still winnable, unless of course we go down 3-0 on Saturday. :(

  • Tired tonight. Probably won’t be as many notes.
  • Guerrero is out. Probably not a bad idea given his bad d late last night.
  • 10 pitch 123 for Cain in 1st
  • 15 pitch 123 for CJ in 1st
  • 10 pitch 123 for Cain in 2nd
  • Burrell strikes out again!
  • 17 pitch second for Cj. Allows a double, thats it.
  • First Rangers hit was Mitch Moreland, a 1b to right.
  • 35 thru 3 for Cain
  • 46 thru 4 for Cain
  • 57 thru 4 for CJ. Walked Burrell in 4th, thats it.
  • Leadoff 2b for Kinsler in 5th, missed a HR literally by an inch. Hit top of fence.
  • After kinsler 2b, we couldn’t do anything. Out to short twice, then an ibb to get to CJ, who grounded to first. Stupid NL Rules!
  • Theres the first run. HR to renteria who turned around on one, got a great swing.
  • CJ has just 73 thru 5. That’s good. But the 1 run feels like it might hold up all night!
  • Cody ross dive and miss in rf on hamiltons ball kept a runner from scoring, most likely
  • Crap. 2nd & 3rd – one out. We get nothing. :(
  • Another 123 for CJ. Just one run thru the 6th.
  • Still no runs thru 7. At least it’s going fast. Sigh.
  • Wilson out after one batter in 7th with blister. Could be a problem around game 5 or 6.
  • Uribe hurts us again with an RBI single. The run was the walk by CJ scoring.
  • Cain is out after 7.2 IP with no runs, 102 pitches, and only a handful of hits. He was lifted for a lefty/eighty matchup against Hamilton. There’s that stupid NL stuff again.
  • Way to go Holland?!?! Comes in, 4 pitch walk. This is bad Derek on the mound.
  • Oh geez. Two walks in a row on 8 straight balls. WTF!
  • There’s the real WTF. WALKED IN A RUN! WTF!!
  • Mark Lowe was no better. Walked in another run. Four walks in a row.
  • Rangers Captain could pitch better than this!
  • Game over. 6-0. Game over (in bottom of 8th).
  • Holland threw 12 balls and one strike. Mark Lowe threw 7-7. They both sucked!
  • Kirkmans no better. Triple to Rowand, making it 8-0. Single to Torres, 9-0
  • Four straight walks, then three straight hits.
  • And i thought the 6 run inning last night was bad.

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