Rangers in the World Series?

Someone sent me an email a couple of days ago with an interesting link to a picture. It’s a shot from a company called “Rico Industries”, who is working on merchandise apparently for the World Series. They have some combinations up there of the various teams and what it would look like.
Anyway, this person sent me the following link, as well as this text (which shows they’ve been reading my site for awhile).. :)

As a long time reader of your site (and the games from your former employer) I know you keep mentioning how your head would explode if your two favorite teams actually met up in the fall classic. Well it seems Rico Industries is testing that possibility with preview designs of potential MLB postseason merchandise. They also have all other potential product designs for every playoff team with different championship titles. I thought perhaps it would be something you would want to share on your site.

It is interesting to consider, that’s for sure. Check out the image below, and click on it for a larger sheet. :)
Dare I live that dream? hahahaha.


  1. Kurt says

    I like the “designs subject to change” haha.
    If the Rangers make it to the World Series, I really want the Phillies to make it for the mere fact that it would attract your average baseball fan to watch. I think it was Galloway who said a few months ago that a Rangers vs. Padres matchup would make the worst TV ratings for the world series ever.