My playoff predictions

OK, here’s my predictions. Wanted to get them in before any games were played. This is hard for me because I have TWO homer teams, one in each league in play. Granted, one of them is really good (Philly) at the moment, so it’s not a true homer pick to pick them. Anyway..
Round 1:
Philly over Cincinnati in 4
Giants over Braves in 5
Texas over Tampa Bay in 5
New York over Minnesota in 4
The Giants and the Braves I know the least about, but from what little I do know, I say Giants over Braves. No particular reason, and I’m sure there will be a lot of sentiment on TV about it “win it for Bobby Cox”. Gut feeling says Giants.
Texas over Tampa? Well, it’s a homer pick. If I was’t living here, I’m not 100% sure I’d pick them. :)
Philly over Cincinnati. That’s the easiest series to pick a sweep, but I have to figure the Reds are good for one win.
New York over Minnesota. Had you asked me this about three weeks ago, I would have said Minnesota over New York in 4. I’m going the other way now as Minnesota has really limped into the playoffs. They seem weak now.
Round 2: ALCS & NLCS
That brings us back to 96/98/99 – Rangers vs Yankees. Despite the Yankees starting pitching being suspect, I don’t see Texas getting by them. Can’t tell you why, other than “gut feeling”. Yankees in 5. Maybe 6.
Over in the NL, I see the Phillies easily going to the World Series again over the Giants. The Giants have a good team, but they’re not the “dominant everywhere” team that the Phillies are, plus the Phillies are smoking right now. Phillies in 5.
Round 3: World Series
Rematch of last year’s World Series. Yankees vs Phillies. This time I see the Phillies taking it on the strength of the starting pitching. Phillies in 6.
What do I really WANT to happen? Rangers vs Phillies in World Series, with the Rangers in 6. Don’t see it happening, though. :)


  1. TC says

    Pretty good picks, until the LCS. Trying to remember who I picked in the World Series…. Oh yeah, the Rangers and the Giants via Jenkat Facebook.