Dallas Morning News Article on Game 5

The Dallas Morning News is running an article in Tuesday’s paper with a few quotes from me. The piece is about fans’ feelings going into Game 5. They emailed me early on Monday and asked me a few questions. I’m quoted three times. Twice at the end of the article, and once further up.
The one in the middle I wanted to comment on. While they weren’t exactly wrong in using what I said, I tried to be funny with it, I guess they edited that out for brevity. Here’s what appears in the paper:

“My thoughts on our chances are basically two words: Cliff Lee,” said Joe Siegler, a longtime Rangers fan who runs the fan website Rangerfans.com.

What I really said was this:

“My thoughts on our chances tomorrow are basically two words. Lee & Cliff. Feel free to rearrange them in any order you like. ;)”

Check out the article. Hopefully we get to move on. Also what I was trying to say with my quotes at the end was that it seemed like the mind lock on getting to the ALCS is a bigger deal than the mind lock from the past with the Yankees. I’m not sure that came out right.


  1. Myron P says

    I read the DMN article with interest because I love baseball; especially Rangers baseball. I’m really excited about game 5 but Joe I gotta take excepton to your comment on our chances being two words, “Lee & Cliff”, to quote you.
    The Rangers got to this point on timely hitting, decent starters (finally) and a much improved bullpen. We need Cliff Lee to to give us his best tonight but we also need that hitting to get in to gear and back him up. I’m not concerned about our starter…but our boys gotta put some wood on the ball to extend our season.