ALCS G2: Rangers don’t blow it this time, beat Yanks 7-2

Man, after Game 1, I came home, and deleted all episodes of Baseball Tonight, all of MLBN’s MLB Tonight, didn’t read a single recap. Heck, I didn’t even look at the pictures I took! That game annoyed me so much, I listened to just the new Afters album on the drive home, and when I got home, it was “Plants vs. Zombies” time.
BTW, the new Afters album is quite good. If you don’t know them, they’re a band that originated in Mesquite, TX, and is a Christian pop band. Check ’em out. A link to their most recent album (Light Up the Sky) is here. I recommend tracks 1, 3, & 8.
Anyway, the only thing I did last night was write a short marker piece for my site here. And I didn’t think about it too much at all until Game 2 was starting. It extended into the beginning of the game, actually, although I started feeling a little better once we started scoring. :)
I took the same kinds of notes I did in the ALDS when I posted a ton of stuff on Twitter, although this time I just jotted the notes down, I didn’t flood Twitter. Here’s my notes from watching the game. It’ll be quite nice to go to New York for Game 3 with Cliff Lee on the mound and being 1-1 instead of 0-2. A LOT better.

  • Really bummed out about lad night, still.
  • Going to try just putting my Twitter notes in a note list instead of flooding Twitter today.
  • I skipped every post game wrap-up last night, and in the paper, and online, and pregame today.
  • Can we get Craig Sager off TV? What is that mess?
  • Come on Colby! Let’s do this!
  • Jeter’s up! Boooooooooooooooooooo!
  • Jeter K’s! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
  • Way to go Colby – 9 pitch 1-2-3!
  • Elvis steals second, but it’s called a wild pitch advance.
  • ….and then he steals third. w00t!
  • Guerrero’s pine tar batting helmet really glistens in HD during day games.
  • Elvis’ legs got us the first run in the first, although Hughes struck out the side
  • We lucked out on the Cano flyout. Looked like a home run. Thanks Cruz.
  • After 1.5 innings, Lewis and Hughes have the same number of pitches. 28. Except
  • Lewis had 6 outs, and Hughes has 3.

  • Upper tank off the facing up there – David Murphy! We’re up 2-0!
  • TBS gets some crap for their coverage, but Fox Sports Southwest could learn a thing or two about camera angles.
  • Three straight hits (Moreland, Andrus, Young) lead to our third run.
  • SHIT! Int walk to Hamilton to get to Guerrero works. This is the same feeling as last night. Really hope the inability to step on the Yankees’ throat wont cost us the game again!
  • 55 for Hughes through 2.
  • Looks like the yankees stole first again on another ghost hit by pitch.
  • After 2.5 innings, it’s Hughes 55, Lewis 53. Still 3-0, though.
  • Go Murphy! Two RBI so far, and six total bases in two at bats.
  • More claws! Two pitches, two doubles… Murphy & Molina
  • It’s 5-0 Rangers again. Anyone else scared?
  • Yankees plate one after we almost got out of a man on third nobody out situation. Berkman base running gifted us the third out.
  • Third walk in three at bats for Josh. Helps OBP a lot.
  • Colby Lewis seems to be putting more in the dirt than usual.
  • Colby now has 82 after five. Not obscenely big, but he’s throwing more per inning now.
  • That’s two home runs Cruz did not get cuz the ball hit the tip part of the wall, and didn’t go out. Probably missed by a foot total on both!
  • Claws and Antlers in the same play – triple to right for Kinsler! That got Hughes out. Joba in.
  • Hughes gave up seven of the ten hits he gave up on two strike counts.
  • Very ugly strikeout by Bengie Molina in the fifth. Harnessed his inner Juan Gonzalez there.
  • Moreland plates run number 7 when you thought we’d strand Kinsler at third!
  • Moreland again – sno cones a foul reaching into the Rangers dugout.
  • Wow. Cano’s home run almost cleared the cement walkways in the upper deck. That was seriously a big deal shot. Wow.
  • Hunter is up in the top of the sixth. That’s odd.
  • Lewis is out with two outs in bottom of sixth. Two men on. That uh-oh feeling from lad night is back.
  • Rapada replaces Lewis and ks pinch hitter Marcus Thames, although it took 9 pitches.
  • Ogando is in. Should have been last night.
  • Yankees suck chant going again. Needs to last more than like 30 seconds, Ranger fans!
  • Uh-oh. Andrus dropped a ball that you could say he was trying to hot dog an over the shoulder catch on. Hope that’s not the opening door for the Yankees.
  • Ogando labored in the seventh, throwing 25 pitches. But he gassed Cano on the final pitch to strike him out.
  • Last night oliver led off the 8th by walking Swisher & Teixeira. Starts off 8th today by walking Swisher again. Then he k’ed Posada. Much better.
  • Oliver is out after two outs. No runs. Much better.
  • Couple of nice defensive plays in the top of the 8th by Kinsler and Young to help out Oliver & O’Day.
  • Feliz in for the 9th. That mike Maddox.had to come out isn’t good.
  • We win! Nice running catch by Cruz to make the last out. Finally. A home playoff win. The 1961 Washington Senators breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Now feel good about Game 3 with Cliff Lee as s the starter. Not nearly as depressing that would have been if we were down 0-2.