2011 Scoreboard Idea

A lot was made when Chuck Greenberg took control that there may be totally new scoreboard stuff in place for next season. The longer we stay in the playoffs, the less I think it will happen for 2011. What they’ve talked about is a massive project, and I don’t know if there will be enough time. Hope I’m wrong.
Anyway, today on the TBS coverage, they had this thing that Fox does on football games, which is put “fake” scoreboards into stadiums and put stuff on the screens. Their shot is solid evidence as to how our scoreboard in right field is seriously lame – and needs to be replaced completely. Look at this picture:

I know it’s a fake, and they just superimposed it on top of our scoreboard, but this is what you need to do up there. Not all advertisements. A VIDEO BOARD. Not an advertisement board with a video board as an afterthought. Ditch the entire thing that’s up there and replace it with this.
The other idea to replace all the static ad boards above the offices with nothing but more video boards needs to happen as well. :)