G142: Rangers win very oddly against NY, 7-6

When you think of all the ways there are to win a game, the way that we won this game was not the way you’d think. Yeah, I know Mariano Rivera is still around 15 seasons later. That’s not to say he’s an over the hill hack, he’s still a major threat. But it’s not quite the castle wall he used to be say 10 years ago. He can be beat yes, but he will still beat you more often than not.
Which is why the fact that we won on a walkoff hit by pitch was so odd. The entire bottom of the ninth was out of character, but the HBP was something you’d expect a far lesser pitcher to do, not the last guy in the majors who is allowed to wear #42 (unless for some reason Butch Husky makes a comeback).
This was another one of those close, back and forth jobs.
Rangers up 1-0
Yankees up 2-1
Game tied 2-2
Rangers up 4-2
Rangers up 4-3
Rangers up 5-3
Yankees up 6-5
Rangers win 7-6
Those were all the lead changes. The interesting thing about this game is that with the 13 hits the Rangers got, 11 of them were singles, and only two were anything else (both doubles). And of course a big hit by pitch. :)
This isn’t one of those games where I remember there being a ton of memorable events. Just the back and forth and the closeness of the game was what made it good.
Oh yeah, and just in case you didn’t know.. Mariano Rivera gifted us the win by hitting Jeff Franceour. Oh yeah. :)