Busy Busy

As those of you who have followed my site for awhile know, I’ve been out of work for some 15 months. This past week, I started up working again. Not full time, but a part time gig. Thing is, the first two weeks of the gig are going to be way busier than any other time, so I haven’t had much time for Rangers stuff.
This will probably extend into next week, so I’m taking a short sabbatical from doing updates while I deal with work stuff.
I will be back, I want to be around for the tail end of the season. :)


  1. ukiahgal says

    Congrats on the gig — even if it is part-time. Will miss your frequent updates, but I’m sure that we will all understand.
    I just sent in my app for post-season tickets and am looking forward to actually going this year. I paid for last year, too, but, of course, we didn’t make it then!! I only live about 1.5 miles from the Ballpark (I can see it from my place) so I hope that I can walk and not have to spend money on parking.
    Take it easy on your new gig — and I hope that it is one that you enjoy.