Hicks is Gone. He’s really gone!

Wow. It just seems so surreal. Completely, and legally, Tom Hicks is out. The 30 major league owners voted this morning, and it was a 30-0 vote in favor of the GnR ownership group taking over.
The stories this morning talked about how Greenberg had to be excluded from the room and made to wait outside when the actual vote was going on, since he technically was not an owner. I had visions of him sitting in a hallway by himself like any number of teen angst movies you see where he’s twiddling his thumbs, although in this day and age, he’d be texting someone. Or checking in via Foursquare, or anything like that.
Anyways, the vote was unanimous, and by all accounts shortly afterward the GnR group released the funds, and bam. It was over. They are the new Rangers owners. From what I can gather, there’s still some issues that will come up after the season, like the lease, and the grounds around the ballpark. Plus the jet lease that Chase made some noise about at the last second last night. But that can probably be dealt with in due course.
Bring on the new scoreboards guys – I’ll be there tomorrow night. It’s why I bought tickets tomorrow night, figuring it would be the first game under the new regime. I have tickets in the last row of Section 342 – not the greatest, but it was the best I could get – and I bought them LAST friday. :)
Chuck Greenberg should throw out the first pitch. Let’s dance, people!