Hall of Fame and Bonds

Did anyone watch the old timer’s introductions during the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies back a week or so ago from Cooperstown? I did, because to be honest, I was more interested in hearing those intros and to see who was there than the new player inductions. Not that I think the class of 2010 wasn’t worthy, but I like the nostalgia angle more.
Anyways, there was an interesting remark by the fellow who was doing the introductions (George Grandy). It was most specifically his choice of words during the introduction of Hank Aaron. Here’s his exact intro:

Our next Hall of Famer is, very simply, everyone’s home run champion. He hit a home run on the baseball field, he’s hit a home run in life. Let’s welcome the Hammer, Henry Aaron.

At the moment he called Hank Aaron “everyone’s home run champion”, my mind immediately lept to Bonds, and all the discussion about is he the real champ, etc.. That someone from the National Baseball Hall of Fame would call Aaron “everyone’s home run champion” was telling to me. Now it could be nothing – it could just be a speech and choice of words for sure. But I felt the choice of words was a small dig at Barry Bonds. Does it imply what the hall is thinking?
If you don’t believe what I’m saying, click here – it’s a pdf with the complete transcript of the entire induction ceremony, including Aaron’s intro (which is on Page 43).
I figure on this day where Arod hit #600 at age 35, and provided he doesn’t break down into his 40’s will eventually pass Bonds, I thought it was interesting to make this observation.