G112: Rangers walk off against the Yankees, we win 4-3

You gotta do this. You just gotta.
The Yankees lose. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankees LOSE!

Actually, when we went up 3-2, I wasn’t thinking win. I was thinking old traditional Yankees, which say that unless you’re up 15 runs, you probably aren’t safe.
Early on in the game, it started out like a good pitching duel. C.J. Wilson against AJ Burnett. Through the first three and a half innings, it was scoreless. Was a great, well pitched game. Had some pretty amazing defense too, one of which prompted the screen grab. Derek Jeter mashed a ball straight into the ground and it went way up. When it came down, it was about halfway between the pitcher’s mound and first base. At that point, there was no chance to toss it to anyone, so CJ dove for the base, and actually got there just a fraction before Jeter did. Jeter tumbled over him, and Wilson got up and gave the antlers to Jorge Cantu. At that point, all the guys in the dugout were doing the antlers to CJ, so he gave ’em back. Was pretty darned hysterical. Lucky he didn’t jam his hand pulling that stunt, or worse got stepped on. But it worked out, and it was a sexy looking play, no doubt.
The Rangers managed to squeak out a run in the bottom of the fourth when Nelson Cruz doubled in Michael Young. That prompted something new at the ballpark. When the Rangers scored, two of the Rangers girls ran out on Greene’s Hill with two large Texas flags and ran around on the grass. I rather liked that. It felt very “football-y”, and I suspect will appeal to a lot of football fans. I just wonder what’s gonna happen on home runs that land in the middle of the grass there. :)
In the top of the fifth, the Yankees tied it back up, and were really threatening to get more, and Wilson danced out of it mostly. He was especially helped out when Nick Swisher was headed home, and Murphy threw a bullet to the plate, and nailed him. It also prompted a funny look from Bengie Molina at Swisher afterward when it appeared like he was looking at Swisher, meaning “You’re kidding me, right?”

The Yankees went up a run in the top of the sixth when Wilson allowed the other run of the game. Wasn’t anything special, just a single scoring Austin Kearns. In the bottom of the sixth, it was the David Murphy show again when he jacked a two run home run to give the Rangers the lead at that time, 3-2.
It was followed in short order in the top of the seventh by a solo home run from Arod. He was booed. :) No surprises there.
The game was 3-3 going into the bottom of the ninth, and the Rangers almost scored. We got a man to third. Didn’t get the job done. The top of the 10th was stellar with Feliz getting something like a 6 or 7 pitch inning to set down the Yankees.
We started off the bottom of the 10th against Mariano Rivera. Now I know he’s not the Rivera of old, but he’s still an impressive pitcher, someone to be feared for sure. Anyway, Michael Young singled, as did Josh Hamilton right after him. Josh’s hit was a squibber into right. So much so that Michael could only get to second. Guerrero came up in an obvious bunt situation. Guerrero doesn’t bunt. He does ground out though, and that’s what he did, a grounder to Arod, who fell down. Had he not done that fielding the ball, it likely would have been a double play. As it was, Vlad was out at first, pushing the runners to second and third. It worked like a sacrifice. Nelson Cruz was intentionally walked to load the bases. Obviously to create a force at any base, or better yet (for the Yankees) a double play.
Except that it was David Murphy, one of the hottest Rangers going right now. The count went to 3-2 (after being 3-0), and you felt weird waiting for what was the final pitch. Didn’t want to get out of that with no runs, as that’s always a bad omen. However, Murphy delivered, a single over second base scoring the winning run, and prompting a walkoff.
Over the Yankees. YOU HAVE GOT TO LOVE THAT! Much was said about the “playoff atmosphere” at the park on the TV tonight. It did feel like that, and towards the end of the game when my wife peeked in for a little at the end, she said “This season doesn’t feel like any season in recent memory”.
She’s right. It feels good, like it will be a history making season. We shall see what that history actually is.