G111: Rangers lose to Oakland’s great pitching again, 3-2

This is a game that I think made a lot of people believe in Trevor Cahill. The guy’s been really great this year. His overall numbers now are 12-4, ERA of 2.56, 178.2IP, 1.43 WHIP. The whip isn’t that great, but you can’t argue with those wins and the ERA. Those numbers were borne out in the game against the Rangers on Sunday afternoon. Yeah, another day game. We don’t like those, apparently.
Cahill went eight innings, allowed six hits, no walks, and did allow two runs, but they were both unearned. He beat out Colby Lewis, who pitched well himself, just not as well as Cahill. Lewis went six, allowed one run on three hits and three walks. Punched out seven. Quality start, technically, but when compared to Cahill’s line, not so much.
Darren Oliver was very un DO like this game. He got the blown save and the loss at the same time. Gave up two runs in his 0.1 innings of work. He only threw seven pitches, too, which made it much more concentrated. Given his overall body of work this year, I’ll overlook that, but it certainly was NOT a good outing.
Darren O’Day cleaned it up, but we couldn’t score against the A’s, although we made it interesting in the ninth inning when their releiver (Michael Wuertz) walked two batters. But Guerrero grounded into a double play, ending the game.
So we lost the series in Oakland – something that hasn’t happened much this season. Still, we come out of there with a very healthy sized lead over Oakland, who is in second place.
Back home to take on the Yankees.