G106: Rangers lose first game of Seattle series, 3-2

The Rangers head to Seattle feeling good, and then early on we got the usual Seattle moves.

  1. The footage of the train out back of the park.
  2. Weather remarks.
  3. Demolition footage of the Kingdome
  4. Footage of Bill from Seattle, the old Mariners fan in the blue hat.

Sadly, early on in the broadcast, they showed the seats that Bill and his wife used to sit, and they were empty. They mentioned that Bill had died about three months ago or so, which was sad, because he was ALWAYS there. They mentioned that Bill had been put on the jumbotron at the Mariners park, so he must have been their version of Zonk or something like that. Shame, as it really will seem weird not seeing him there. Perhaps the Rangers TV team can show a clip of him anyway, just for old times sake when we go there. What made it sad for me I had just sent a tweet to Josh Lewin saying they should send John Rhadigan over to talk to him, as they don’t often take their own stadium guy on the road. and then almost immediately, that’s when Lewin talked about Bill having died. So I had to delete my tweet. I’ll still post this, however:

As for the game itself, the Rangers sent Colby Lewis out there, and was pretty decent, but wasn’t totally dominating. He sadly though pitched well enough to get the win, and didn’t. Went a total of six innings, gave up nine hits and one walk. Did strike out nine, and that was the mostly dominating part, but for me it didn’t feel like a totally dominating performance. Nothing I can point to, just a gut feeling sort of thing.
It’s hard to get much support for Lewis when the Rangers get only four hits total. Three singles (Elvis, Cantu, Molina), and a double by Mitch Moreland. Interestingly, both of the RBI’s we got were on sac flies (Molina, Young).
The Mariners didn’t dominate offensively, either, as they had three innings with single runs. But what they got was pretty much from their pretty darn awesome center fielder, Franklyn Guiterrez. He drove himself in with a solo home run, and another run on a squeeze play.
Colby Lewis did strike out nine. :)
Didn’t like losing to Seattle. They’re bad. We’re not this year.