Vlad Guerrero is MLBN’s #1

Was watching some live late coverage on MLB Network tonight, and in the middle of their reporting they did an impromptu “Prime 9”, only this time on the best free agent signings of the past off season. They had Vlad Guerrero as the #1 best off season signing. Here’s the complete list:
10) John Lackey
9) Troy Glaus
8) ?? – I forgot to write it down
7) Carl Pavano
6) Matt Holliday
5) Aubrey Huff
4) Jose Valverde
3) Billy Wagner
2) Adrian Beltre
1) Vlad Guerrero
What bummed me out was that Colby Lewis wasn’t in on this list. Huff and Glaus on there over Lewis? That doesn’t seem right. And Carl Pavano should be higher than #7.
Still, it was nice to see a Ranger signing as #1 on the list as their best off season move.