Rangers get Cliff Lee

I’ll have more to say tonight, but..
The Rangers get Cliff Lee, and Mark Lowe (on DL for season) plus $2.55M in cash for..
1B Justin Smoak, P Blake Beavan, P Josh Lueke, & 2B/IF Matt Lawson. Other than Smoak, those guys are all AA players, definitely not major league ready. A friend of mine in Seattle said the press up there is going nuts about catcher catcher catcher. Surprised he’s not getting a catcher. Teagarden, Salty, or Ramirez.
USSMariner is happy about Smoak, though. As they should be.
But the best part about this – the ABSOLUTE BEST PART is that the Yankees did not get him. I honestly don’t care who we gave up. So long as it doesn’t help the Yankees, I’m all for the trade.


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    This certainly appears to be a win-win deal. I am surprised that the Mariners are not getting a catcher if they are really wanting one. That seems odd. Glad we got Cliff Lee and not the Yankees. As for last night’s game, O’Day got us through the 7th and was surprised to see Frankie on the mound for the 8th. I get real nervous when he is on the mound, similar to Mike Hennemen (sp?) from the 90’s.