G99: Hunter now 8-0 with 6-4 win against Angels

Tommy Hunter is now 8-0 in his first eight decisions with the Rangers. That is a record that no other Rangers pitcher has ever had in the history of the franchise. That’s quite an accomplishment, and something to build on. He’s looking like a huge part of the rotation if we go into the playoffs. Six point one innings of work, three hits, three runs, and it’s home runs again – the Angels had two home runs. Still, it’s a quality start, and you just got the feeling that Hunter was all over the game.
Offensively, the Rangers had a nice pile of hits (13), and it was almost all singles, as the only extra base hits were two doubles by Elvis & Chris Davis, and a triple by Josh Hamilton which was a cool one to watch, as it just squibbed over the second baseman, and slowly rolled out to the 407 spot in the right field power alley. As it rolled, you thought perhaps it might be an inside the parker, but he ended up with a two run triple, which was nice to watch.
Feliz made it a little more interesting by giving up a run in the 9th, but still it was all about Tommy Hunter to me, and that’s a cool thing.
We’re up seven games in the West. Wow.