G98: Rangers lose to Angels, 6-2

Yeah, we lost, and sadly it was Scott Feldman who started. Unfortunately, we’re at the point in the season where we have to start thinking of removing Feldman from the rotation. We’re at a point where we have a very real shot at the playoffs, and it’s no shock to anyone that Feldman is the weak link in 2010. Which is saying something given how “meh” Rich Harden pitched earlier this season. It’s quite a fall for Feldman, who I think everyone expected to be an Aaron Sele this season, win 21 games or so, and be a huge part of things.
He was not.
This game actually was somewhat better than some of his outings, but still, 5.1 innings, seven hits, one walk, three earned runs isn’t the greatest outing. But he struggles now, and most fans probably don’t have any confidence in him. While the team will never admit it, they might think the same thing themselves.
On top of that, Darren Oliver probably had his worst outing of the season, giving up another three runs in his 0.2 innings of work. This was not the most well pitched game by the Rangers, who have recently been a team with good pitching.
The Rangers only had six hits the whole game, and two of them were solo home runs (Young, Cruz), and even though we got those two, this one felt like one where we didn’t score that much.
We lost.