G63: This win was all about Colby Lewis (W: 7-2)

Usually, when you look down the box score of a game, you don’t expect to see the pitcher leading in offensive categories for the game. But that’s what Colby Lewis did this game. Not pitching, but in batting, he was 2-4 with a run scored and two RBI’s. The only person who did better than Colby was Josh Hamilton this game. The best moment was the two run double in the sixth scoring Hamilton & Guerrero.
However, his pitching was better than that. Eight innings, giving up just three hits and two earned runs. Struck out 10! Both of the earned runs came on solo home runs (both by Prince Fielder). Take those out, and it was just one hit. I mean, there was other stuff that happened in this game, yeah, but Colby was the best thing in it.