G62: Rangers take middle game against Brewers, 4-3

This was an interesting game of good and bad.
The good is from a place that’s been not so good (if not totally bad) this year. That’s Scott Feldman. Scott, having a disappointing season (but not nearly as bad as former Ranger Kevin Millwood) so far tuned it up on this day in Wisconsin. He went six innings, throwing just four hits, and no runs allowed. Which is odd, as he also allowed three walks. But he managed to keep the runs column on the scoreboard a big ol’ donut. Shame he didn’t get to pitch more, as he did also throw 105 pitches, which is about what you’d throw in seven. Still, it’s one of his better outings of the year, and it was good he got the win (his fourth).
The bullpen however is the bad part, as the usual back end of Francisco & Feliz let it go. Frankie not so bad, as he allowed one run in his inning of work, but Feliz had a bit of a meltdown. He faced five betters, and only got one of them out. Two hits and two walks led to two runs, which made it uncomfortably close at the end. Chris Ray came in and put out that fire, earning his first save as a Ranger.
Offensively, we got started early with a two run double by Justin Smoak, who I’m hearing his name more in the highlights, but he still has an issue with batting average. Josh Hamilton also homered in the sixth for run #3. The fourth and final run was an RBI single by David Murphy.
Kinsler was the only Ranger with more than one hit (2).