G48: Rangers lose close one in Minnesota, 2-1

Guerrero perked up a bit in this game, going 2-4, but it was’t nearly enough, as the Rangers were shut down for the second game in a row by the opponent’s starting pitcher. This time it was Kevin Slowey of the Twins. He tossed 6.2 innings, giving up six hits and one earned run. Not totally dominating mind you, but well enough that the Rangers couldn’t get anything together.
We almost had another run, but Ian Kinsler had a home run overturned by instant replay. It was a good call, actually. Replays showed it was foul, but not by much, and it went into one of those weird places in the park where it (at normal speed) made it seem like the home run was fair. As much as I wanted the call, it’s probably good that it was “right”.
Colby Lewis was the hard luck loser, as he pitched a pretty decent game of his own. Just two runs allowed on five hits over this six innings of work.
The new Twins park looks nice. We’ll hear about the “no dome” thing as soon as they get into the playoffs, I’m sure. :)