G47: Hochevar shuts down Rangers; we lose 5-2

As good as Guerrero has been this year, you always get the feeling, he can bust out at any second. Didn’t get that feeling with this game, and that’s pretty much due to Kansas City’s starting pitcher, Luke Hochevar. He shut down the Rangers for the most part through his eight innings of work. He allowed six hits in all, but they were scattered (mostly), which accounted for the fact that we had just two runs. Nelson Cruz had a double, Michael Young had a triple (and a single), but the remaining singles were by Andrus, Hamilton, & Smoak. That’s it. That we got two was actually pretty surprising.
Scott Feldman pitched better than he has so far in the 2010 season. Not like last year’s version, but better than the 2010 version (so far). However, he couldn’t match what Hochevar did.
That’s the big story here. Kansas City’s starting pitching won the game. Also, their closer (Joaquim Soria) got his 100th career save. That seems surprising to me that he’d have that many possibilities as bad as Kansas City has been over the last few years.