G46: Rangers power their way to 8-7 win over KC

In a storyline that is not unfamiliar to the 2010 edition of the Texas Rangers, Vlad Guerrero led us offensively to the win. Vlad went 3-5 in all, with three hits, two runs scored, and FIVE RBI’s. This was driven by the two home runs Vlad got. Both were two run shots, and one of them got out in a hurry. The first one made me chuckle, as it hit the signage above the bullpen, and it made a very loud bang – it was obvious the signage was metal. This guy is amazing, and especially now that Kendry Morales is out for the Angels, I have to think they wish they’d kept Vlad now.
Anyway, outside of Vlad, every other Rangers player (save one, Borbon) had one hit. Michael Young’s was a double, but there was more power. Josh Hamilton & Nelson Cruz had home runs as well. Hamilton’s was a titanic shot way over all the walls in center field, going all the way to the base of that behemoth of a scoreboard they have out there. I mean it was monster. Don’t know why the center fielder even bothered running after it. Was stupid how far out of the field that went.
Pretty much home runs were the name of this game. They accounted for six of our eight runs. Old school Rangers baseball, that’s for sure.
Justin Smoak is still struggling. He’s 1-4, with a BA of .168. I bet Chris Davis is thinking “Well, I could be doing THAT!”
Pitching wise, it was another “meh” outing by Rich Harden. 5.1IP, 7H, 2BB, 5K, 6R (5ER). He’s had one good outing. The one one Oakland. That’s it. Wonder if Oakland would take him in a trade? :) Or perhaps he thinks about signing there next year, as I can’t imagine he gets picked up unless he starts pitching like Nolan Ryan from here on out.
No matter how, it’s good to get a win in KC, a place that we’ve oddly enough had problems winning in the last few years.