G38: Rangers swept out of Toronto with a 5-2 loss on Sunday

I missed this game completely, as my time was spent dealing with my other websites. Ronnie James Dio died on Sunday morning, and to that, my site relating to him (and some related sites) and his band were crushed by traffic. Missed this Rangers game completely.
I’ll say this, though. Colby Lewis was more like pre-Japan Colby Lewis today. Mostly he walked way too many. He only gave up three hits, but had four walks too – it led to five earned runs. Couple that with the fact that the Rangers were playing the team with the most home runs in the majors (what? TORONTO?), and it was a problem.
Ah well, we’re still in first place, and are over .500. If we catch fire, we can make a run at putting some distance behind us, this will be good.