G24: Rangers take middle game of Mariners series 6-3

After one of the best games in ages on Friday night, you always wonder if the next game will be a letdown at all. Most of the time it is, and this one was too – at least in the “excitement” category. The game itself was fine, especially because we won. But it wasn’t even in the same ballpark (haha) in terms of the drama of the thing.
The Rangers broke Felix Hernandez’ streak of consecutive quality starts (which I think was 18 or something). Hernandez was out after 4.1 innings. He had given up eight hits, four walks, and five earned runs. Definitely not very “king” like (har har har). I do get the feeling though if this guy were on a team that could score some runs, he’d have a way better record than he does (2-2).
The Rangers had a nice offensive attack, with 13 hits. They were evenly distributed, with every starter getting at least one. That is always nice to see. Hate it when all the hits were by 3 guys. The top of the order (Andrus, Young, Hamilton, & then Kinsler) had two hits. Elvis had a double, and Josh Hamilton had a solo home run in the fourth. But overall, it was a mass of singles, and it pushed across six runs in all.
Matt Harrison did pitch decently enough. Not great, but not bad. Six innings, seven hits, three walks, and three runs (two earned). He got the win, but not before Frank Francisco got the chance to make it scary again. As the Rangers don’t seem to be pitching Neftali Feliz on consecutive days, Francisco was brought in for the save opportunity. He immediately walked the first two batters, so the tying run was up the whole inning after that. He eventually got the save, but it was not easy, that’s for sure.
The Rangers are now at .500 (12-12) after this game, and are technically in second place, half a game behind the A’s. Although the division is so bunched up at the moment, it’s hard to put anything behind where we are in the standings.