Michael Young for Rangers Captain

I noticed this banner yesterday during the Rangers game. It was over in left field inbetween a couple of the retired number signs. Was a group of fans who apparently want Michael Young to have a small “C” on his uniform. As you recall, the team did that with Alex Rodriguez after the failed trade to Boston, but before he was traded to New York. I believe it was done as an appeasement to his ego, but he was traded not long after that, and the concept of “Team Captain” hasn’t come up again since.
I feel like I fall on the side that things they don’t really need a “designated” team captain. I think everyone sort of knows Young is anyway. But I thought I’d give these guys a push and plug ’em. Head on over to their site at:


  1. Paul Juarez says

    There is not many teams in baseball these days that have a guy like Michael Young that does such a great job in representing and organization. I think he should be Captain. It should have happend a long time ago.

  2. Tisha Dill says

    It’s about time that people start talking about this subject. If The Rangers were going to make someone like AFraud a Team Captain, then it is a no brainer to make Michael Young Captain. If I remember right, he hit 3 homeruns last year to tie or win games in the ninth inning. I understand that everyone already sees him as Captain and that he would not be intrested in even discussing the matter. But isnt that why he deserves it. Guys, keep on promoting your site. I will vote daily!

  3. Danny says

    I agree with the banner. As far as the article, Alex Rodriguez was never really a Captain in my opinion, at least not in his heart. Michael Young is a leader and great role model on and off the field. I think this is a long time coming. I would love to see him be made the first “real” Ranger Captain.

  4. DRT says

    I agree with Mr. Juarez Young is already a given leader so that C should be placed on his jersey.

  5. Chas Shira says

    I agree that Young is seen by everyone as the official captain, which I think just further proves why he
    deserves the designation with the “C.”. Not many teams do this, but I think it’s because not many teams
    have the caliber of player, much less one who has spent the majority of his career with one organization.
    I think he deserves the honor. Few players do, but young has certainly earned it by playing at such a high level
    year in, and year out.

  6. says

    Looking forward to another year of Rangers baseball and to your blog. I heard the radio guys say that this was the first walk off home opener in the new park. They had a couple at Arlington Stadium. Okay, new park? This is its’ 16th year! :-)