G19: Rangers blow it late, lose to Tigers 8-6

I contemplated writing just “shit” for this one, but some other stuff happened. Still, I’m not going to write a lot, since the Rangers irritated me with this loss.
Josh Hamilton finally got his second home run. After his torrid spring training, I thought we had 2008 Josh back. Nope, 2009 is still here. He claims to be healthy, so what’s the deal? It’s almost like he’s never adjusted from the league adjusting to him.
Justin Smoak finally got his first major league hit – a double to left. He also walked. I believe I recall seeing on the telecast that he’s the first Ranger ever to walk in his first four major league games. Nice. His OBP will be seriously impressive if he keeps that up. Wish I could learn that in MLB 2k10. I strike out constantly. :)
Oh, BTW… Shit.