G17: Rangers lose to Tigers, 8-4

The Rangers busted out early to a 4-0 lead. It was a good feeling early on.
Vlad Guerrero, who has been our best offensive player (with Nelson Cruz right behind him), started it off with a double, scoring both Michael Young & Josh Hamilton. Vlad followed it up in the second with an RBI groundout. Couple that with the RBI single by Elvis Andrus, and the Rangers were feeling good. Up 4-0 after two innings. Scott Feldman on the mound. Life was good.
Then it wasn’t good from the third inning on. The Rangers never scored again, and Feldman gave up eight runs in 3.2 innings of work. In fact, all the scoring for the entire game was done after the top of the fourth. The Tigers got a 3 spot in the third, and a 5 spot in the fourth. Scott wasn’t helped by a few errors, leading to FOUR unearned runs. Granted, 93 pitches in under four innings won’t help oneself, either.
So much for Feldman winning 25 games. :) Ok, I never thought that, but I did think he’d hit 20 this year. He still could I suppose, but he does not look like in 2010 what he looked like in 2009 AT ALL.
Justin Smoak is still an ofer, waiting for his first major league hit. But he continues to take pitches like nobody else on the roster, and walked once.