G15: Rangers salvage finale behind 3-0 shutout of Red Sox

Two things I need to get out of the way first.
1) Stupid TiVo. I really dont’ like it when ESPN simulcasts the same game the Rangers have on their local coverage. Because for some reason my TiVo always wants to record that channel. Then it’s blacked out, and I don’t get to see the game. Last night this happened again with the MLB Network. My TiVo decided to record the Rangers game there, and of course it was blacked out. Darnit – I would have wanted to see this game! Arrgh!
2) I owe CJ Wilson an apology. When he put forth the call to be in the rotation, I have to confess I thought he was being a whiny baseball player trying to overreach. Turns out he was right. He’s been freakin’ fantastic since becoming a starter, so CJ, if you read this, I’m sorry for doubting you. :)
As for the game…
It was mostly CJ Wilson. While I didn’t see the game, it’s hard to argue with his line. 6.2 innings pitched, just four hits, no runs, and two walks. Tossed 105 pitches, and with those numbers, it was a really great outing. Darren O’Day & Darren Oliver followed up, each with a 1 hit no run outing of their own. But CJ shutting down the Red Sox into the seventh inning in Fenway is no easy task. So props to him for that.
Offensively, we didn’t have much going on, either. Only seven hits total. Two were by Nelson Cruz, two by David Murphy. Elvis, Josh, & Andres Blanco had hits too. Three of ’em were doubles, so it was a mixed bag, but definitely not anything that can be classified as a “strong” outing.
All three runs came in the seventh for us, though. Nelson Cruz singled, scoring Josh Hamilton. David Murphy doubled, scoring Nelson Cruz. And finally Andres Blanco got an infield hit on a bunt, and the ball was thrown away, allowing David Murphy to score. To add insult to that, the throw back from the throwaway also got away, which allowed Blanco to go all the way to third.
We’re back home now, and before this road trip, I said this trip would tell us something about our club. It did. Our bullpen blew it. Needs some work.
And after the game, it was announced that Chris Davis is going down to the minor leagues, and Justin Smoak will take his place. That’s something I know a lot of Ranger fans were looking forward to. Chris Davis juist has had some major issues hitting with regularity up here. He can rake in AAA, but not up here. Kind of reminds me of Nelson Cruz a few years ago before he figured it out. But with Smoak here (assuming he does well), I wonder if Davis has a shot at returning? Either way, I’m sure a lot of attention will be paid to Justin tonight in Arlington.