ST7: Rangers unload on Colorado, win 16-5

The Rangers finally unloaded on someone in a way their general reputation says they should. Sadly, it’s just win #2 out of seven games so far. A 16-5 win is always good no matter where it comes in the year, whether it’s Game 7 of spring, to Game 25 of the regular season to Game 4 of the World Series in a sweep.
I’ll start with the Rangers pitching. Scott Feldman started, and continues to have a “meh” spring. Gave up three runs on five hits in 2 and a third innings. However, the pen that followed him was significantly better. In particular, Dustin Nippert was quite good, tossing three shutout innings and giving up just a lone hit. The only other pitcher to give up any runs was Warner Madrigal, who had three hits and two runs in his lone inning of work. The pitching was good in regards to walks again. Only two, and both of those by Scott Feldman.
There was a lot of offense, but again, not a lot of power. There was one home run, by Chris Davis, and seven doubles (by seven different Rangers). There were also 15 other singles, so there was a lot of offense, just not a ton of power. Taylor Teagarden drove in three, as did Chris Davis. Elvis Andrus, Nelson Cruz, & Pedro Borbon each drove in two, all the rest were scattered amongst various Rangers with single RBI’s.
Colorado helped with three errors. Their starter (Aaron Cook) was pretty awful, gave up nine hits and nine runs (only 5 earned – see errors) in 2.2 innings of work. Only walked one, though.
Nice to see the big win, but kind of a bummer it’s just #2 of the spring, however.