ST4: Rangers lose to Angels, 13-9

Brandon McCarthy started this game against the Angels, and immediately proceeded to let the first four Angel batters get on base. It’s spring, so it’s not such a big a deal, but you never really want to see that, as it led to an early 2-0 hole the Rangers never climbed out of. Those were the only two runs McCarthy gave up in his two innings of work, but almost everyone else gave up runs. In fact, the only Ranger pitcher (there were 7) who didn’t give up any runs was Geoff Geary. Zack Phillips was the worst, giving up five hits and four earned runs in a single inning (facing eight batters). However, it wasn’t all awful, as the general lack of walks stayed here, too. The Rangers gave up just two walks.
Offensively, the Rangers banged out 13 hits. Still no home runs to speak of. We have a few, but we’re down near the bottom of the league in that regard. Three doubles and a triple, and pile of singles accounted for the 9 runs we did score. It wasn’t enough, though, as the Rangers gave up 13.
Strangely enough most of the offense gave from the fifth inning on (Angels got 11 then, and the Rangers got 7). The only inning where nobody scored was the second.