ST22: Rangers now 6-15-1 after 6-3 loss to A’s

The last time we won was 9 days ago against the Brewers, when we won 6-4 over the Milwaukee Brewers. Remember that from days gone by?
Rich Harden started for us, and definitely did not pitch (again) like the guy we brought him in to be. 5.2 innings, 4 hits, FIVE WALKS, and three earned runs. His spring ERA is 9.17. That’s worse than Mark Clark ever was (about time I bring out Mark Clark’s name this year). This was probably his penultimate start of the spring, maybe one more after that, so he shouldn’t be messing around anymore. This was not promising, and I’m hoping I won’t see him on April 5th pitching like THIS!
Our pitching was made up today of guys who will (likely) actually make the club. The ones in the middle were pretty good. Doug Mathis went 1.1 innings & Chris Ray went one inning. Both allowed just one hit (Mathis one walk too), but no runs for either. Neftali Feliz finished up, and allowed a walk, two hits, and then three earned runs. Meh.
Offensively, the only thing the Rangers managed was just six singles. They were very scattered, so the six walks the A’s pitching surrendered definitely helped with our runs. Oddly enough, two of the singles were by minor league guy Wes Bankston.
The Rangers’ spring performances so far have been rather underwhelming to the point that I wasn’t interested in listening to this game on Friday afternoon. Kind of early on to feel that way, but this spring hasn’t been easy as a fan looking for wins.