ST15: Rangers win again, 6-4 over Brewers

I must still be whacked out from my big trip, because I sat down to watch this game, and I think I fell asleep somewhere in the second inning or so, as I don’t remember what happened with the game. Had to check online this morning when I woke up. :)
When the game started, it was delayed because Tommy Hunter ended up getting hurt during warmups. Guillermo Moscoso started the game for the Rangers, which definitely wasn’t the plan. Still Moscoso did decently enough. 2.1 innings, three hits, two earned runs. He did do well with strikeouts, as he punched out 4. Two of them were the first two batters of the game, which was cool to see. Willie Eyre followed with some scoreless relief.
Matt Harrison was third on, and pitched four innings. He did fairly well, too. Same thing as Moscoso. Same number of hits and runs allowed (two & three). However, Matt did VERY well with strikeouts. He punched out eight of the twelve outs he got while on the mound. I slept through that, so I didn’t get to see it, but that’s an impressive number for sure. Chris Ray finished up with a scoreless inning.
All told, the four Rangers pitchers combined for a total of 16 strikeouts, which is extremely unusual for Texas. Not sure if that’s a factor of an easy umpire, or Brewers who fanned too much or what, but it was definitely a number that sticks out.
Offensively, the Rangers hits were scattered amongst six different Rangers (only Elvis had more than one), but they were bunched together enough to make it count. We did have some power this game. Josh Hamilton had a monster first inning home run (which I did see) – it went out of the stadium completely as far as I can tell. Taylor Teagarden had a triple, and Elvis Andrus & Esteban German had doubles.
Hopefully Tommy Hunter isn’t hurt seriously and misses a lot of time.