ST14: Rangers boomstick thrashes Mariners, 8-1

The Rangers finally opened up with some power. Something that’s been lacking all spring. Nelson Cruz had two of them. Josh Hamilton & Chris Davis both had home runs as well. Nelson Cruz did quite well this game. Went 3-3 with 3 RBI’s, and three runs scored. Brought his batting average up to .448.
Outside of the home runs, we had just one double (Salty), and a bunch of singles. But the home runs were definitely the story of this game.
On the pitching side, the Rangers looked quite good, too. Not at the start, though. The first eight pitches of the game by Scott Feldman were balls, as he walked the first two batters of the game. But he calmed down after that, as those were the only two walks of the game. In all, Scott went four innings, giving up just three hits and one run. Which isn’t bad at all considering the way the game started. Darren Oliver followed, tossed two scoreless innings, and Dustin Nippert tossed three. Really great performance by our pitching staff.
Amusing moment when Milton Bradley was called out. He did a Milton for sure, dropped his bat at the plate, and got himself ejected for doing that.
I did get to watch this game on TV, which was cool, as I haven’t been able to see or hear many games this year so far.