Is there something wrong with Hank Blalock?

The best shot I thought Blalock had for a starting 1B gig anywhere was with the Mets. They’ve now signed Fernando Tatis again to platoon with someone else to play first for the Mets.
Wow, they weren’t even interested in Blalock? What’s he doing, asking for $13 million a season or something? I’m really surprised nobody is even talking about him. The only time you hear Blalock’s name mentioned nationally is when someone goes “Man, why is Blalock not being picked up?”
I had heard a rumor about a month ago or so about him maybe going to the Pirates. A quick check online as I write this shows that Baltimore might take a sniff on him, but even that seems odd.
He didn’t fall off THAT much at the back end of his time here. So why seemingly no nibbles at all?
Hank’s Homies can’t be happy about any of this.