G161: Rangers drop close game, 2-1 to Seattle

First off, I actually watched this game. Figured with just a couple left, I should watch at least one. The Rangers didn’t actually pitch too bad here. The offense couldn’t come through – which was the big story of 2009. We could pitch, but didn’t always hit.
Tommy Hunter went 4.1 innings, and gave up just two innings. Few too many hits though (nine), and one walk. His pitch count wasn’t too outrageous (83 in the 5th), but he was laboring. Thing is, the guys who followed him (Grilli, Feliz, O’Day, & Wilson) all gave up no runs. Only Darren O’Day gave up any hits, either (one). The pen was really good.
Unfortunately, Seattle’s pitching was better. Their starter went 6.2, giving up just the lone run (an RBI double to Elvis Andrus). Rangers did manage seven hits, but they were well scattered. Only one Ranger got two (Andruw Jones). Even the three doubles were mostly ineffective.
But again, it’s the story of the 2009 Rangers. They were mostly ineffective offensively. Been hearing some chatter about how Rudy Jaramillo’s contract is up, and some folks are wondering if perhaps it might be time for a change there. He has been the pitching coach for 14 years now, through a ton of managers (Johnny Oates, Jerry Narron, Buck Showalter, & now Ron Washington). A lot of good has come from him, and I’m not advocating a change, I think we should bring him back. But I wonder what it would be like otherwise. Bring back Rusty Greer as hitting coach?
Anyway, just one more game to go. Sunday is Game #162 where we play for our 88th win of the season. But my Phillies are in the playoffs again! :)


  1. ukiahgal says

    Thanks for a marvelous website in 2009!!!
    I check it each day to see what you have to say.
    Looking forward to postseason comments, too.
    Sorry, the Rangers lost the last 2 games, cuz they really should/could have won them………
    Hope they are able to keep Marlon and I really hope that Hank
    will be around for 2010, but every radio and paper says he’ll be gone.
    Looking forward to April 5, 2010!!!!!