Update on the Sale of the Rangers

I noticed an article that came out last night which had an update on the sale of the Rangers situation. The full article talks about a few things, not just the Rangers – the relevant part of the article is about halfway down the page under the subtitle of “UPDATE ON POTENTIAL SALE OF THE TEXAS RANGERS”. A few of the bullet points.

  • Hicks is looking for about $600 million for sale of the team.
  • The Rangers value appears to be currently lower than the San Diego Padres. (eek)
  • The only names that have come out are David McDavid & Nolan Ryan, so no new names in the article.

The article also goes on to say there could be ownership issues for the Stars, too. While it doesn’t explicitly state that, the words used in the article imply (or maybe I’m inferring, not sure) that there could be an attempt by creditors to force control of the team from Tim Hicks, despite there not being any move to sell the Stars at the moment.
I suggest reading the article. It isn’t all new news, but it is a good summary of the current situation, as it is known to me.