G154: 11 run 5th leads to 15-3 thrashing of Rays

I was planning on skipping this game. I had some other family stuff going on. However, I tuned in at the bottom of the fifth, and had a minute or two, so I peeked in. Picked the right time, that’s for sure.
The Rangers were losing 3-1 at the time I peeked in, and I have to say I wasn’t sure why I picked that moment to stop and watch. It was a party, that’s for sure. The really fun part is that all the scoring happened after there were already two outs. That’s very sweet.
– I. Rodriguez singled to shallow left
– C. Davis doubled to deep left center, I. Rodriguez to third
– J. Borbon walked
– E. Andrus lined out to shallow right
– J. Hamilton struck out swinging
– M. Byrd homered to deep left center, I. Rodriguez, C. Davis and J. Borbon scored
– H. Blalock singled to center
– I. Kinsler walked, H. Blalock to second
– J. Bennett relieved M. Garza
– D. Murphy doubled to center, H. Blalock and I. Kinsler scored
– I. Rodriguez singled to shallow center, D. Murphy scored
– C. Davis singled to shallow left, I. Rodriguez to second
– J. Borbon singled to shallow right, I. Rodriguez scored, C. Davis to second
– E. Andrus walked, C. Davis to third, J. Borbon to second
– J. Hamilton doubled to right, C. Davis, J. Borbon and E. Andrus scored
– M. Byrd walked
– D. Thayer relieved J. Bennett
– H. Blalock flied out to center
I enjoyed the grand slam. Heck, I enjoyed the bottom of the fifth. Too bad there weren’t more games like this the last month, or we would have been actually playing for something this night.