G153: Rangers top Tampa on Friday, 8-3

What are the highlights here?
Gabe Kapler hit a solo home run. No wait, that would have been a highlight 9 years ago, but he did hit a home run in this game. The home run the mattered here was Ian Kinsler’s, his 30th, which made him a 30/30 guy. The only other person to do that was Alfonso Soriano, a couple of years back. He took 20 games and 78 at bats to get this milestone. It’s nice that he got it, but man has he been in a slump the last month or so. I hope he can realize there’s another direction to hit the ball besides straight up in 2010. We’ll need it.
Josh Hamilton also returned, but at this point, it doesn’t mean much – I think he should just sit, given there’s only a single digit number of games left, and they don’t count for anything (even though I suppose technically they do).
Derek Holland was better than he’s been the last 6 or 7 games or so, but not like he was when he first started. Probably out of gas, or overwhelmed, or any other rookie adjective you can send over. I bet Hannah Baugh still loves him.. wait, given Hannah’s age, I should say “Hannah hearts him”. ;)