G150: Rangers offense sleeps again, team loses 9-1

I didn’t watch any of this game, to be perfectly honest.
I got a new BluRay set in from Amazon today, it was Season 2 of the original Star Trek series. I immediately sat down to watch “The Doomsday Machine“, probably one of the most iconic episodes of the original Star Trek series. Even watched it with my four year old daughter, so it was her introduction to the original Star Trek.
Then after she went to bed, and the Rangers game came on, I delved into the “Tribbles” disc. There were several things on here. First, was the original “The Trouble with Tribbles” episode, the Animated series episode “More Tribbles, More Troubles“, and finally the Deep Space Nine episode, “Trials & Tribble-ations“. Enjoyed all of them. Enjoyed the set. If you’re a fan of the original Star Trek, and have a Blu-Ray player, get these. You’ll be glad you did. Review of this new set is here.
When it was over, I noticed the Rangers game was done, I peeked, saw we had lost 9-1, and went “meh”.
Random other comment: Today I thought the World Series will be Philadelphia vs either Boston or New York, probably more likely Boston.