G149: Rangers offense wakes up, wins 10-3

I spent most of this game working on one of my other websites. I had the game on the radio, but it was background noise. I did, however also have the MLB Gameday thing up in another Firefox tab, when I’d peek in from time to time, but I wasn’t paying attention for the most part.
I did, however, happen to notice one of the more expensive double plays in team history. It was this one, which was the moment that Kevin Millwood’s $12 million contract vested for 2010. So much for the conspiracy theorists who spent a lot of time thinking the Rangers should sit Kevin. Think of a way to save the museum at the ballpark, instead.
Anyway, here’s a shot of the expensive play..

It did, however, guarantee that we would have a winning season. But I think most Ranger fans (even me, given my attitude at the end) would prefer a season record that was indicative of the general good play we’ve had this season, and not just finish with like 84-85 wins.