G145: Rangers stink it up. I mean A LOT. Lose 4-0

I didn’t think the last few games could be topped by bad play. I was wrong.
Wow, that was just pathetic. Lose 4-0 to the A’s. Get one hit (single by Marlon Byrd) by the A’s, the last place team is bad.
We now have four straight games in a row where we went a combined ofer with men in scoring positions.
We’ve scored just one run in our last 37 innings.
We’re six games back in the West, and 6.5 in the Wild Card. It might be time to bring out that tugboat picture I have posted here the last few years or so when we’re done.
Ian Kinsler walked twice, but he popped out to the outfield about 25 more times, too.