G144: Rangers lose again 6-1 to Oakland

I was at this game. I wasn’t expecting to me, but I was sitting in the library in Garland near my house, and saw a message posted by Michael Gonterwitz asking if anyone wanted tickets to the game. I did, so I headed on down. Turned out it was great, because I got to sit in Section 15, Row 3. The view from there was quite awesome. Thanks a lot for the invite, Mike. I had a good time sitting down there – was quite the treat for me.

Unfortunately, the view was about the best thing in the game. The Rangers continued their total lack of offense in this game. Well, that’s not ENTIRELY true. They did score one run. But it was their only run of the game, and the only run for the previous 22 innings when it happened. So now the Rangers have one run over the last 27 innings. UGH! I mean..

It was bad. Brandon McCarthy was all over the place. Three innings. Only allowed four hits, but he walked three, and allowed four earned runs. Neftali Feliz gave up the others, and his ERA “raised” to 1.46, just about an entire point, as I think he was at like 0.65 or something like that before this game.
We also had three errors. A throwing error by Pudge, a fielding error by Esteban German, and offhand I can’t recall what the third was. It was sloppy to say the least.
But the more annoying part was our offense. We had just five hits. Two of them were doubles (Byrd & German), two were singles (Murphy & German), and one was a home run by David Murphy in the fourth. It broke the scoreless streak at 22 innings, but was pretty pathetic as the lone offensive output over the two games before this, AND this one.
I think we’re about done, folks. Would take a miracle to bring the team back, and even if they did get in, you’d get the feeling they’d be like the San Diego Padres, who back in there, and get destroyed in the first round, since they’re not really that good.
I mean, when you’re more interested in getting a good shot of the live Dot Race when it runs right past you instead of most of what was going on in the game, you know you’re watching a bad team.