G143: Rangers look pathetic losing to A’s, 9-0

I think that might be it, folks. While I haven’t completely given up for the 2009 season, that certainly was a deflating feeling. Yeah, I know. We’re only technically 4.5 games behind Boston, but it doesn’t feel good, my friends.
This was great through five. Then not only did the wheels fall off, but they all fell off, the truck went off the road, went upside down in a ditch, and the only thing to do in the meantime was read Jean-Jacques Taylor articles about the Rangers while you waited to be picked up by AAA. What a nightmare!
Anyway, I digress. Feldman looked great through five. Then it sucked. SUCKED HARD. Rangers have now been shut out two games in a row, and haven’t scored in what, about 50 or 60 innings? Actually, it’s 19 and change, I believe, but who’s counting?
Thing is, I’m not even mad at this. Usually I get mad at losses like that. Not this one, I was just sad and disappointed.