G141: Tommy Hunter brilliant in DH Game 1 win, 7-2

So Friday night’s game was rained out. Saturday night’s game probably should have been. So we get to Sunday. We have a doubleheader to play. Due to some insane television coverage rules (I think), the DH was scheduled to start at 12:05. Due to the rain still in the area, the game didn’t start till just about 5PM.
The game was finished in two hours and eighteen minutes. Why? Tommy Hunter. He threw a complete game on just 102 pitches. The breakdown was 68 strikes and 34 balls. The Mariners managed just six hits, and just two runs. it was not totally dominating, but it certainly was a really great performance. Something that’s needed given how many doubleheaders we’ve pitched. Nice to rest the rest of the pitching staff with a complete game in one of the doubleheader games.
Offensively, it was four doubles, three home runs, and five singles to account for the Ranger runs. Given how soggy the grass was, the home run by Chris Davis that landed on Greene’s Hill sank into the grass, and disappeared. Made me laugh. Made Tom Grieve laugh on the air, too. You can catch a little of that by watching the clip on mlb.com of the home run.
Not a ton to write about. Tommy Hunter was great. Our offense put up a seven spot. We won the game. :)