G138: Rangers take DH sweep with 10-5 win in Game 2

Marlon Byrd went 4-4 with a walk in game 1 of the DH. In game 2 he went 3-5. That’s most impressive – combined, Byrd went 7-9 with a walk. Wow.
But he wasn’t the only one hitting this game. Everyone did – nobody took an ofer. In fact, just three of the nine Ranger batters had a single hit (Andrus, Jones, German). Three guys had two hits (Cruz, Murphy, Teagarden), and three guys had three hits (Kinsler, Byrd, & Davis). There was a ton of offense. If you count game 1, that’s 21 games in the doubleheader, which was a nice bounceback after the scoreless streak we had just gotten over. Five doubles, a home run (Davis), and a pile of singles accounted for all of that.
Bradon McCarthy was charged with five earned runs. I say charged, because Eddie Guardado allowed the two inherited runners he took the mound to to score. Those runs were the only ones allowed, though. None of the Ranger relievers were charged with any runs. McCarthy, if you take away the last couple of runners pitched fairly well, and looked like the early season McCarthy. Man, you get the feeling that the 2009 incarnation could be good just in case he could stay on the field. Oh well.
Kind of pressed for time, plus it’s hard to write about a game while another one is on (I’m listening live to the Wednesday game at the moment). Nice to get a sweep, even though both Boston & Anaheim won. We still gained half a game on those by the benefit of the doubleheader sweep.
We’re now 6-0 in three doubleheaders this season. That’s sweet.